Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sexy dancers in the club, Kuta Bali

In Kuta there are many nightclubs serving sexy dancer wearing only a bikini, with a beautiful and cute girl, rocked the stage entertain anyone who is in the club.

Balinese dance is very popular to foreign countries. Dynamic movement, eye gaze attractive. One of the most famous dance in Bali is Pendet Dance. Pendet dance actually a sacred dance, but nowadays is a dance that is always shown every opening of an event in Bali. But Pendet dance will not be found in nightclubs in Kuta.

In Kuta there are dance more interesting and entertaining. Danced by a girl who is only wearing a bikini. Dancing on stage and witnessed by a lot of men and women. Tempting and seductive when seen by men. They are often called sexy dancers. Danced by sexy girls.

Sexy dancers are easy to find in nightclubs in Kuta. The goal is to entice visitors to want to get into the club. Without the sexy dancers, the nightclub may not be interesting. They sway in the irregular stage. There's even dancing in a big cage, and can be held by anyone. But should politely agree, do not hurt them, or you will be removed by security officers club.

Sexy dancer girl is not really Balinese people. They brought in from outside Bali, and usually from Java. They are not prostitutes who can be hired to accompany sleep. They only work to earn money. They were forced to work as a dancer sexy because it's hard finding a job that can generate high pay in Bali.

When entered into the clubs in Kuta which presents sexy dancer, visitors can enjoy music, beer, dancing, and look sexy dancers while having fun. Actually, they used to allow visitors to feel comfortable in the club, and buy a lot of beer that benefit club owners.

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