Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rangda is the genie in Bali

All the statues in temples, bridges, gates, and many other places in Bali, is a symbol of the jinn, which translated into an art. The statues were made ​​not based on fantasy, not too mythology and dream. But the vision is made of the results of the shamans and priests are able to see the genie.

Rangda and the like is a form of creatures whose existence is real. Real but not visible. Only able to be seen by shamans, priests and holy people. They exist around us with such a form and creepy. However, their existence can not we realize it, because there is a different in the world with humans.

According to people in Bali, the genie is around us, but not visible. There is a genie that is good, there is also a genie that is bad. Jin will not interfere with human life, if we do not interfere with life and nature in which we live is not undermined. If humans put themselves well to this natural, then the genie will not interfere with human life. Therefore, any person of life in Bali, especially Hindus, always perform a ritual that all life in this world is always safe and peaceful. Not that we worship the jinn. Just to convey our respect to the genie, the genie will respect us. That's life in Bali.

Rangda is the embodiment of creepy genie. But with certain rituals, Rangda tangible genie can increase the status of the genie into gods, or the equivalent of an honorable ancestors. Lifting jin become gods too for a specific purpose to life, that man gets ease in and ease. Jin who was named a god had expected human task. For example, assigned in order of life in nature does not interfere with human life genie.

Embodiments of a rangda not always be a symbol of evil. Many false perception which means that Rangda is a symbol of evil. That's not always true. If rangda positioned as a god, the embodiment rangda become a symbol for human protection. That is why, many embodiments Rangda is in the temple.

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