Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Prostitution became part of the tourism industry in Bali

Kuta Beach Bali
Tourism in Bali develops by itself without the promotion process. This happens because of the uniqueness of culture, art, and tradition in Bali become an attraction for tourists to visit Bali. Cultures that do not exist in other countries, art is interesting, as well as the hospitality of the Balinese people, the more tempting tourists to come to Bali.

In addition to arts and culture, natural beauty is the attraction owned island of Bali to foreign tourists. Bali has many beautiful mountains that can be visited. The beach is the mainstay of tourism. Bali has many beautiful beaches with white sand. Large ocean waves, has an interesting option for tourists who love surfing.

Because many foreign tourists come to Bali, the accommodation facilities is growing by leaps and bounds. Even local governments are not able to control the growth of more and more accommodation. Resulting in price competition to lure guests to want to stay at their hotel.

Sanur Beach Bali
Tourism in Bali is very famous for the term 5S. 5S is Sand, Sea, Sun, Sex and Satifaction. Also in countries that rely on sea and shore-based tourist trade. In Bali, the term applies to Kuta and Sanur Beach. It is inevitable, tourism beach into one package against prostitution. Probably, no prostitution, coastal tourism and marine activities will not be interesting.

Tourism is the main income of the provincial government of Bali. Needs of the tourists towards prostitutes, making new business opportunities for some people. Prostitution is a business that is adjacent to both the tourism industry in Bali. Prostitution business grows well in Bali. Needs prostitutes imported from Java. It was that nothing of the Balinese who want to become prostitutes. The Balinese have a very good self-esteem, as well as high shame.

Kuta and Sanur as a favorite tourist spot, has a growth rate of high prostitution in Bali. Even Sanur has a nickname as a center of prostitution in Bali. In Kuta prostitution done covertly. Prostitution in Kuta usually coupled with massage services, spa, and karaoke. Usually businesses that will offer more services to the guests.

Sanur prostitution conducted openly. Usually we can figure out places, house, hotel, providing prostitutes can be seen from the number of houses. House number ends with the letter X is a whore. Almost everyone knows this. If the prostitutes in Kuta rental price is quite high, the cost is very cheap prostitutes in Sanur.

This condition puts Bali as the region with the second fastest spread of HIV in Indonesia. And has the third highest number of HIV carriers in Indonesia. It is inevitable, tourism and prostitution are two things that can not be separated.

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