Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

Nightlife in Legian Street, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Nightlife in Legian Street, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Kuta has a place for nightlife favored by tourists. One of the most visited foreign tourists at night is Jalan Legian.

Kuta Bali, famous for its white sandy beaches where foreign tourists sunbathing. Kuta Beach is also a place to surf, and water play for children. There is one place that is a favorite for young tourists while on holiday in Bali. That place is Legian Street, Kuta, Bali Indonesia. The place is very famous for its night life filled with excitement for tourists who love the night life.

Legian Street in Kuta was the site of the first Bali bombing. This place is a favorite for tourists to spend the night. There are many hotels, discotheques, cafes, restaurants and a variety of exciting services that will pamper the tourists. At noon on Legian Street, the atmosphere is no different than anywhere else in Bali. The much visible only vehicles stuck in a traffic jam, because the number of vehicles that pass in the lane. If you are at night along Legian Street, the atmosphere is very different when compared to the day.

Nightlife in Legian Street, Kuta, Bali, IndonesiaWhen the evening at Legian Street you will hear music from the loudspeakers of discotheques, cafes and bars. Colorful flickering lights, vehicles fewer than during the day. More foreign tourists passing on the sidewalk. There are many sexy girls are standing in front of the cafes and bars that will woo tourists to want to go into cafes and bars where they work. Sometimes the girls would behave strange if men see tourists passing in front of him.

There are many discos in around Legian Street serving bikini girls dancing on stage. The street is very crowded at night. Local residents and foreign tourists gathered together. Two of the most crowded discotheque is Bounty, Paddy's club. Two disco was very popular and has a very spacious room. Can be entered by hundreds of people. If you enter this discotheque, you can forget everything that ever hit there before. Cheap beer, sexy ladies, the music from the speakers, it will become part of yourself while in the discotheques.

Nightlife in Legian Street, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
As the night wore on, you will see a lot of drunk tourists out of the discotheque. They were running, screaming, sometimes will interfere with the existing front. Tourists intoxicated at Legian Street is something that usually happens. There are also tourists who come out of the discotheque invite a local woman. Maybe this woman is a whore who will accompany the tourists while sleeping at the hotel.

If you are in Bali, plan your finances well. Be careful not to run out of money while on vacation to Bali. Although Bali is a cheap holiday destination, but when you enter the discos and cafes, then you will forget your finances. Maybe you will run out of money just to get drunk in the discos and hire palacur girl with expensive rates.

Nightlife in Legian Street, Kuta, Bali, IndonesiaSuch events often take place in Bali. Vibrant nightlife at Legian Street, can make tourists forget the condition. Financial well planned while on holiday in Bali, you will save a bad situation.

Some time ago there was a tourist who ran out of money due spree at a discotheque. He stole at a boutique in order to survive in Bali. But bad luck happened to him, the police arrested his actions. Now he should be jailed for trying to steal in the boutique. Nightlife in Legian Street is a paradise for lovers of nightlife for young tourists who holiday in Bali.

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