Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday, February 07, 2014

Meaning of Ngaben (cremation) in Bali

Ngaben (cremation) in Bali
Ngaben ceremony in Bali conducted by the Balinese Hindu. All the Hindu religion in Bali, must perform cremation to families who are already dead. Except in Tenganan, has different traditions of the people who are already dead. In accordance with Hindu philosophy, about cremation, meaning that the spirits of the dead are not bound by the bodies that are still intact.

Cremation (Ngaben) has long been run by Hindus and Buddhists. Not only in Bali, but also in various countries. For those who know the secrets of death, cremation has advantages compared buried. As well as having a better destination for the spirit and the environment. Cremation has very good benefits for life in the universe.

Ngaben (cremation) in BaliIf assessed in terms of Hindu philosophy, there are two advantages of cremation than burial. First, the risk of having buried the spirits of the dead would still magically bound to his grave, until the bodies are buried destroyed unraveled. The possibility also. Things like this will hinder the spirit journey to heaven. If the bodies were burned to ashes, the spirit no longer have a reason to be bound by the bodies that have become dust.

Second, if the soil in the cemetery have bad energy, then the spirits of the dead who are buried would be restless, anxious, uneasy, because getting a lot of interference in the spirit realm. Possibilities in the cemetery there are many ghosts who like to interfere. But if the bodies had been burned, there will be no contact with the negative energy in the cemetery.

Ngaben (cremation) in BaliIn the theory presented in the Hindu scriptures, cremation (Ngaben) has the aim to accelerate the decomposition process of destruction and dead bodies. Bodies melting process becomes faster, so that all elements derived from nature, can quickly go back again to nature. Because the human body is entirely derived from elements that exist in nature. Derived nature back to nature.

Upon completion bodies cremated and turned into ashes, ashes should not be stored at home or other place where the ashes. Saving to burying the ashes, some natural elements that are still left in the ashes, being tough for the families left behind, then the spirit will not be quiet and still bound by the life of his family who keep the ashes. Therefore, the ashes of cremated bodies should be washed into the sea or river. So the spirit is no longer tied to real life in this world.

According to Hindu religious philosophy, death is not a bad thing. Because real life is a test. The test of the spirit to be able to be separated from the cycle of birth repeatedly. Spirit comes from God. If you want to merge again with the spirit of God, the spirit must perform good deeds during his lifetime. If the spirit has been freed from earthly life, then when someone dies, it can be fused with the spirit of God.

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