Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Mangrove Forest Conservation Bali

Mangrove Forest Conservation Bali Visit the mangrove forest is a unique experience. Mangrove forests located at Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai KM 21, Denpasar, Bali.

Mangrove forests in Denpasar is a protected area and become the object of study from the various countries. Upon entering this area, very calm atmosphere feels fresh. All views are visible only mangrove trees. There are many wild birds that nest in this place. Sea bird sound is always audible. Sometimes we would see the animals that live in the swamp.

Mangrove Forest Conservation Bali Indonesia
To be able to explore the mangrove forests, we have to pay admission. Upon entering deeper into the forest, we will go through a very long wooden bridge. However, the current condition of the wooden bridges are damaged. As if not maintained and does not receive attention. We must be careful when passing through the damaged section of the bridge, if it does not want to fall into the muddy swamps and watery.

Mangrove Forest Conservation Bali Indonesia
The more into the scenery is getting worse. There is a lot of garbage that had accumulated. It is apparent that these mangrove forests is not maintained. Plastic garbage and cork that accumulate in between the tree and under the bridge is very disgusting. Trash was carried by ocean currents at high tide.

One thing you should know is there are no trash cans along the street in the mangrove forest. So, if we bring the food that could potentially produce garbage, then we can throw it into the garbage under the bridge, so that no
Mangrove Forest Conservation Bali Indonesia
one else knows. There are no trash cans around the mangrove forests exacerbate water conditions should always be clean. As a tourist attraction, the area is very poor and dirty.

If you would like to visit the mangrove forest is in South Denpasar, strongly recommend you do not wear shoes with high heels. Because of the road in the woods is a long bridge, which has a large crack along the bridge. Most likely if wearing high heels definitely stuck between the wood on the bridge.

Be careful when passing between the
Mangrove Forest Conservation Bali Indonesia
trees, you might hit a tree limb across the bridge. Also when crossing the bridge without a safety, not to fall into the water.

Many people who choose mangrove forest as a location for prewedding shooting. Unique and beautiful place very suitable as a prewedding location. Romantic and sensual impression is very pronounced.

Although it is located in the tourist area of Bali, but this is very rare mangrove forests visited by foreign tourists. This place is not so popular. Nothing special, in fact there is a lot of trash everywhere.

The mangrove forest is managed by the Provincial Government of Bali. Lately a commotion among the people around the mangrove forest with the government. Overni government plans to reclaiming this area opposed by residents and environmental activists. The government argued that the reclamation needs to be done to protect Bali from abrasion. However, according to residents and environmental activists, reason the government does not have a solid foundation and making it up.

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