Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday, February 03, 2014

Beautiful sunrise at Sanur Beach

Sanur beach has a view of a very beautiful sunrise with a low tide showing rock and green seaweed.

If taken from Ngurah Rai Airport, located about 18 Km. If from Denpasar city about 3 kilometers. If you want to relax and calm down, Sanur is the right choice. But if you want to have fun with nightly entertainment, Kuta choose to vacation.

Sunrise view from the beach in Sanur, looks very pretty. The temperature was cool with a fresh wind blows, making the atmosphere very pleasant. Reddish yellow color of the sun rising from the east, sometimes hindered the cloud, while nice picture taken with the camera. While sitting on the beach staring at the sky a reddish color. The waves are not too big with a wide beach.

When in Sanur beach we can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere while cycling on roads that have been provided. With cycling is the perfect choice to enjoy the beauty of the beach up to several kilometers in length. Jogging track provided by the local government used by tourists to jog. Along jogging track, there are many restaurants and hotels overlooking the sea. If we were exhausted and hungry after a long walk on the beach, we can choose a restaurant with a menu that is preferred. The price offered is quite cheap.

At high tide, the sea water in Sanur rather dirty. That is because the number of floating seaweed. Among the neat pile of stones, we can play water, canoeing, or just soak in enough cold water in the morning. If you are in Sanur beach since morning, do not wait until the day when the sun is above. Because there are very hot air. That is why very few tourists in Sanur.

Sanur beach is perfect really beautiful, the embodiment of all the dreams of a beach holiday in Bali. Sanur, quieter than the surrounding vacation destinations, is a place to recuperate from the prestigious European tourists who had been saturated partying. Each year, blue sky decorated by bright colors during the International Kite Festival.

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