Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Balangan Beach, secret beaches in Bali

Balangan Beach Jimbaran Bali

Balangan Beach in Ungasan village, between Jimbaran and Dreamland Beach. The beach is less crowded than Sanur and Kuta. This beach has a view of a very beautiful sunset.

Balangan beach is very easy to find. Located in Bukit Ungasan Jimbaran. From GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana) distance of approximately 4 kilometers. Westwards and turn left through the small streets. Balangan beach hidden location. That's why the beach is said to be strictly confidential. The beach was exposed in 2006, but now a lot of people know this beach, there's even foreign tourists who surf around the coast. Although the texture is rather coarse sand, because it is not a beach with sand as fine as flour. You try to set foot on the beach while enjoying the quiet atmosphere, comfortable and quiet, can feel different from other beaches in Bali.

Balangan Beach, secret beaches in BaliBalangan Beach has a long beach about 1 mile to the north. There are many palm trees are arranged in a neat and unique, so it looks beautiful. Impression of a tropical beach is very pronounced here. White sand but a bit rough, in contrast with the sand at Kuta Beach, Seminyak and Sanur is more subtle. Despite being among the famous beaches in Bali, Dreamland Beach and Kuta, but the beach is not so well known. Only a few tourists who know this beach. Because the place is hidden and difficult to pass by a large vehicle, causing the beach unexplored by the developers.

Balangan beach has a very beautiful panorama. In the west there is a high cliff as a barrier filled with plants, many coconut trees around the beach. When the tide is low, we could walk to the Dreamland beach, the walk to the westward, along the coast. Interestingly enough spot to swim, surf, and relax, especially for those of you who do not really like the crowded beach. Stopped at a cafe, buy a young coconut, enjoy it while reading a book. A pleasant way to spend vacation time.

Balangan Beach, secret beaches in Bali
Around Balangan Beach existing accommodation facilities and restaurants. There is also a cafe which started being built. There are many stalls with thatched tropical feel. But the path to the beach is very small. We have to go through a small walkway. A different experience to go to a beautiful beach with big waves and a beautiful sunset in the afternoon.

Balangan Beach is currently included in the cleanest beaches in Bali. There is no garbage and dirty sea. Because the population is still small and the existing accommodation facilities around the coast, resulting in less waste generated from tourism activities. Very reasonable if there are no bins around the coast. Maybe a few more years, the conditions would be similar to Balangan Beach other famous beaches in Bali, filled with garbage and very crowded.

Balangan Beach, secret beaches in Bali

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  1. Nice sharing friend! Bali has covered a lot of attraction for enjoyment. Your blog is very informative for me and all readers. I have heard lot about Balangan Beach but i have never visit in this in this places. It is the most famous and big Beach in the world. Thousands of people come to enjoy the holidays. After reading your blog I must there after complete my bus trip boston and see the natural beauty of God.