Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday, February 02, 2014

A lot of garbage on Kuta Beach

A lot of garbage on Kuta Beach

Garbage on Kuta Beach and Seminyak beach is commonplace every rainy season in Bali.

The current rainy season, the garbage is too much, and too often the case in Kuta Beach. As if this beach is a hell for tourists. Impression disgusting and dirty very disturbing comfort. Garbage strewn along the beach up to hundreds of meters. There is no beauty, there were only garbage everywhere.

Not only on a beach full of garbage, but also the sea at Kuta Beach is also filled with garbage. Plastic floats everywhere, wood, foliage. Although filled with garbage, there are also people who play in the sea water with garbage. Besides filled with garbage, sea water also looks brownish. Perhaps because of the mud that comes from the river.

To clean the garbage from the Kuta Beach, the government mobilized local residents to clean up beaches. When garbage to accumulate, reaching two meters high. Residents were cleaning the beach told the tourists that trash was coming from Jakarta. Of which subsided say is a lie, to cover up poor garbage management system in the city.

This garbage coming from upstream flood carried away. Flooding that occurred in the city bring garbage to the river. The rubbish was washed away into the sea rushing river, then stranded at Kuta Beach and surrounding areas. Because so much garbage that once washed away the river, not only pollute the Kuta Beach, Legian Beach also fouled, even Seminyak Beach. How horrible.

Many foreign tourists feel disappointed when visiting Kuta Beach is filled with garbage. They were disgusted with a situation like that. In fact they say as if they were in hell. It is certainly very reasonable. Sometimes they chided the government on this incident. Government concern and long-term decision-making is needed to overcome the garbage which often occurs in Kuta Beach.

Kuta Beach is not a beach that is comfortable to visit. Besides a lot of trash during the rainy season, there are also plenty of souvenir sellers and beverages that offer merchandise. And there are many itinerant masseurs who offer their services to tourists who were sunbathing. Such a situation is certainly very disturbing tourists who wish composure for a moment while sunbathing.

The beach is too commercialized by local governments. So along the beach crowded with merchants who are always forcing tourists to want to buy their goods. They are sometimes forced and continue to force the tourists. So not only is the problem of garbage in Kuta Beach, as well as the number of traders who are always forcing the tourists.

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