Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday, January 06, 2014

Tirta Empul Temple in Gianyar Bali

Tirta Empul Temple is one of the attractions in Bali, the most visited by tourists. Every day there are hundreds of tourists who visit. On certain days of the thousands of tourists who visit. This temple is famous because there are springs. Up to now serve as a source of holy water for various purposes by the people of Bali.

There is a mythology associated with Tirta Empul Temple. There was once a king named Mayadenawa. Mayadenawa very powerful but evil. Bhatara Indra was sent from heaven to kill Mayadenawa. Mayadenawa overwhelmed and fled with walking, angling her feet so as not to be heard by the Bhatara Indra. Then there is the name of that Tampak Siring Village. Mayadenawa then poison the troops of Bhatara Indra. Then Bhatara Indra stick a flag into the ground and burst water which is used as an antidote. It is said that the source of water that is now called Tirta Empul.

Tirta means water, Empul meaning bursts. So Tirta Empul meaning bursts of water emerging from the ground. There are many ponds in the temple area. Some of them are used for ritual ablutions by residents of Bali. One large pool in the middle of the temple, and very protected. The large pool was always spouting water from the soil. The water was clear and clean. These springs are highly purified by residents of Bali. So that no person may bathe in the pond.

The main pond should not be touched by any person. There are three ponds that can be used for bathing. pond is very often used for ritual ablutions. Even on a particular day, ponds was very satisfied by the citizens. Residents who come to bathe in ponds come from all over Bali.

Tirta Empul Temple west side, right at the top of the hill, there is aa large and magnificent house guarded by several armed men. The house is a palace state. The palace is always used by the Indonesian president for a state occasion. So the palace area should not be entered by anyone.

To enter the area Tirta Empul Temple. Travelers must pay a ticket, the price is not too expensive. And science should wear (gloves) and a scarf tied at the waist. When entering into the temple area, there is a large tree that will welcome you. It is said that this tree is the patron of the temple of negative energy that will enter the temple area. Before entering the temple area, say the word greetings under the tree, as the saying excuse me, that whatever our expectations when entering the temple area, can be given good guidance by God.

Many people are amazed by the uniqueness of the temple is hundreds of years old. There is one main temple of design, shape, and his condition has not changed since the beginning of this temple is made. You are not allowed to enter the main temple area if you do not pray. Just who pray only allowed to enter the main temple area. In addition to the main temple, other temples have been restored several times. Making it look modern and beautiful.

In some ponds in the area of ​ Tirta Empul Temple, there are many scattered coins. Coins are a lot of throwing it in by visitors. There are many types of coins from various countries are scattered in one pond. Maybe they flip a coin it is to obtain good luck, and hope their prayers come true.

Tips for you if you want to pray at Tirta Empul Temple. Before the prayer, wash your face time to yourself at one of the ponds on the east. Wash the face three times. Take water from the shower, use your right hand, and rubbed on the face. After it entered the main area of ​​the temple, a place to worship. Pray according to
your faith with a clear conscience. After that, ask the priest sprinkled holy water for yourself. Rest assured your prayers answered by God.

When toward the exit. Tourists will probably feel uncomfortable. For directions exit the temple area will direct you to the souvenirs market. Many tourists feel uncomfortable when entering the market area very much. For most traders will force you to shop. Once out of the market area, you will be confronted by a pack of banana traders that sucks. They force you to buy a split at a great price. Or maybe they will seize your money, and give you a banana that was not expected. It's annoying, but you should be sincere, because most of the banana traders in the Tirta Empul Temple is poor. Ironic, when the Bali tourist flood, but still many people of Bali are still poor.

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