Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Seminyak Beach and the beautiful sunset

Sunset in Seminyak Beach Bali Seminyak beach is now visited by many foreign tourists. The place is very quiet unlike in Kuta Beach.

Seminyak Beach is not well known in advance. People only know Kuta than Seminyak Beach. But now many tourists from various countries visit this quiet beach. Although the color of the sand on the beach is not white, but the atmosphere is quiet and comfortable are the advantages of this coast. Privacy is preserved, there is no annoying souvenir sellers, not what traders, this condition can make tourists feel at ease and comfortable.

Seeing a very beautiful sunset is the most awaited by tourists when in Seminyak Beach. Wide shore, and the waves are quieter than the other beaches in South Bali. At dusk, the sunsets are reddish, very beautiful to behold. If considered more carefully, sunset at Seminyak Beach look bigger than in Kuta Beach, at the same time. Because if we are in the Seminyak Beach, while viewing the sunset view toward straight out to sea. The cool sea breeze will make us feel comfortable in this beach.

Sunset in Seminyak Beach BaliLate in the afternoon there are many locals who visit Seminyak Beach. They came to play in the water with their families. They prefer this beach because the sea is shallower and wider. The current is not too dangerous, but at the time of high tides and bad weather is very dangerous. Parents will feel at ease when letting their children play in the water, while saw the reddish sunset at dusk.

Sunset in Seminyak Beach BaliWhen the sun is hot and directly above, many tourists sunbathing on Seminyak Beach. Even in the big waves are not there people who surf. Wide shoreline that is great as a place to walk around. Around the coast there are a lot of trees, so it looks green and soothing eye when looking from a distance.

Currently around Seminyak Beach built many villas and hotels. Various accommodation facilities, there are many restaurants and bars in Seminyak. So you do not have to worry when I want to look for a place to stay. Australian tourists really like this beach. They are often to Bali definitely know this place.

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