Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sanur is famous for its beaches and prostitution

Sanur is located in Denpasar Regency and a center of tourism in the district.

Sanur is the most green areas in protected by law. The most famous place is the Sanur beach. There are also many five-star hotel is a favorite place for tourists who love tranquility. So the beach at Sanur beach is very famous for its quiet, romantic, and has a very beautiful view of the sunset.

In contrast to Kuta, Sanur area is more quiet and comfortable. There is no night life. So difficult to find a drunk tourist on the streets. Most tourists who were in Sanur are parents. Because they prefer a quiet place. There are no cafes with loud disco music. So if you want to find serenity then lived in Sanur, but if you want a festive atmosphere throughout the day, then look Kuta.

Sanur Beach is one of the places most visited by tourists. On the beach there are plenty of five-star hotels and restaurants. If considered more carefully, then we will get the conclusion, that the Sanur beach is a tourist spot for parents. Many local residents who visited Sanur beach for swimming and water play.

As well as the beach is quiet, attractive and beautiful, Sanur is also famous as a place of prostitution. Even Sanur has a nickname as a center of prostitution in Bali. Many people know that travelers are accustomed to Bali, they know that Sanur is Bali's largest prostitution center. Many tourists who had come to Sanur to find prostitutes with very cheap rate.

Prostitution in Sanur was banned by the government. But the activities done covertly. So it is very difficult to eradicate this business. The government has repeatedly perform the control of the business. But always appears, continue to grow even more.

Very easy to find a place of prostitution in Sanur. Each houses and hotels that provide women prostitutes have special signs. The sign is usually located in front of their house. The house number is a sign of the easiest to be known by visitors. Any number that ends with a code, the X on the house number is a code for prostitution, it is certain that the house or hotel that provides a prostitute. Sanur become the center spread of HIV in Bali. Because there are many prostitutes came from Java, and a woman who had no interest. So the pricing is very cheap.

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  1. That's right , it is very easy to find a place of prostitution in Sanur , odd house numbers with the letter X , the owner of the hotel with a friendly pick of visiting the hotel , very suspicious .

  2. Not officially published , Sanur is the center for prostitution in Bali . However, the predicate is given by the Balinese people and the people who once lived in Sanur . Indeed prostitution in Sanur done by newcomers , it looks from the prostitutes that there is comes from outside Bali . It is ironic , designation as an island of the gods , the island of thousand temples , but the business of prostitution developed both from Bali . Even the government can not do anything with this condition .

  3. In the middle of Sanur, you have a small shopping centre with locals selling souvenirs. If You are a man the saleswoman wil come te you, and ask you if you are interested in a girl. If you say yes then they bring you a block away where there are 6-10 small houses/rooms. After a few minutes a girl will be brought to you with a motorbike. Last time I had one from Bandung. This Winter 2016 again.
    Not noticed the famous XXX yet, but open my eyes next time.