Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday, January 24, 2014

Sanur beach when the sea receded

Sanur beach is very beautiful with white sand and calm atmosphere. Very good for older people. Very different from Kuta beach, very crowded full of merchants and tenants surfboard.

Sanur beach has a shallow sea and filled with coral. Coral in the sea will be seen at low tide. We can walk to the middle of the sea at low tide, while looking at the seaweed and small fish stranded. When the tide is low in Sanur, we can move to the middle of the ocean receded to hundreds of meters. Running, jumping over rocks and coral. However, it must still be careful, do not step on seaweed, because it is very slippery, the possibility of it falling if you can not control your body balance.

Sanur beach is exotic. There is a five-star hotel. The hotel is the only building that exceeds the height of coconut trees. Indonesia's first president who had the idea to make the hotel. At that time, with a very large influence on this country, he was able to defeat the provisions of the customs and culture of Bali. The hotel will be very nice views of the sea at low tide. The hotel was named Inna Grand Bali Beach, formerly named Hotel Bali Beach. The first five-star hotel in Bali. Maybe you will be surprised to see a very tall building, because the building only the highest hotel in Bali. The hotel building was over 45 years old.

Bali Beach Hotel was built at a cost of Japanese war booty. The hotel was burned on January 20, 1993. By the time the fire occurred oddity hotel room number 327, the only room that did not burn at all.

From the beach in Sanur we can see green sea grass and black rocks in the sea at low tide, can soothe our view. Very beautiful and menawang. Such conditions can only be felt when the tide is low. When most still see the low tide at Sanur is in the morning. Although sometimes certain moments will recede, but the morning is the most frequent time in Sanur sea water at low tide.

Around the beach there are many restaurants. According to tourists and local residents, the tourist area of Sanur is suitable only for wealthy travelers who prefer tranquility and comfort. Is not very suitable for teens. Teenagers who want to travel to Bali is more suited to Kuta. For the tourist area of Kuta is cheap with a variety of entertainment venues and discos, as well as the hotel room rental rates are very cheap.

Sanur tourist area will be a pilot project area of quality tourism. Sanur will be laid out and constructed as a pilot area model of the arrangement of a quality tourism area.

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