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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Makepung is buffalo racing in Jembrana Bali

Makepung is buffalo race in Jembrana Bali
Makepung is buffalo racing which only exist in the district of Jembrana, Bali. Jembrana is located in West Bali. Makepung already existed long ago, and this activity is ongoing until now. Local authorities make a iven each year. The goal is to keep this unique tradition, so as not to become extinct because of the changing times.

Makepung beginning was plowing the field activities carried out by the farmers. They plow the field by using a pair of buffalo. The buffalo was interesting tool cultivator. In the rice fields was done by two to three pairs of buffaloes. Because cool and fun, the farmer who was riding buffalo chase each other. Since then they have made ​​a buffalo racing game driven by a farmer. Beginning Makepung done in the middle of rice fields, and only done when the rice planting season. But now conducted every month, and carried on a circuit that has been made ​​permanent.

Makepung is a race that uses a small cart
Makepung is a race that uses a small cart, drawn by a pair of young male buffalo, ran on a narrow circuit, which made ​​its path across the fields. Ridden by one person as a jockey to set the pace and direction of movement of the buffalo to keep it out of the track. Such as motor racing, Makepung also aims to find a winner. The winner not only jockey, also the buffalo.

Buffalo races are usually held once a month. The owners of the buffalo and his group held a sparring exercise once a week. Makepung has circuitry in each district. There are five districts in Jembrana, so there are five circuits in Jembrana. The districts there is an arena. Exercise is usually done in the circuit alternately every week. But once a month, they will compete.

Makepung is buffalo race

Every once a year, held the buffalo race (Makepung) which is very prestigious in Jembrana. The race is held by the local government. The participants in the race for the title, and a rotating trophy. Like the soccer world cup. There are also cash prizes whose value is quite large. Makepung usually held in June and August. This event was held to commemorate Indonesia's independence day.

Every once a year, held the buffalo race (Makepung) which is very prestigious in Jembrana.

The real winners in Makepung no material benefit. They only find satisfaction if it becomes a winner. But the real buffalo race in Jembrana is a gamble that risked a lot of money. But gambling is only done by the owners of the buffalo alone. Audience or even the committee does not know the concept of gambling that is done by the owner of the buffalo.

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