Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Do not go to Kuta and Legian beach during the rainy season

Kuta Beach is a white sandy spot for surfing and sunbathing tourists. Legian beach is perfect place to find peace. But conditions are very slovenly during the rainy season. During the rainy season in Bali, Kuta and Legian Beach filled with garbage. The most severe condition usually is Kuta Beach. Almost every day garbage piled up on the beach. Janitor always clean the beach every morning. But if it rains again it will trash littering again.

Legian Beach in better condition than in Kuta. Because there is only trash during heavy rains and flood in the river. So there is always dirty with garbage. Even so, this year's rainy season is very heavy. A lot of flood affected areas in Bali. This year a lot of junk piled in due Bajir. Kuta and Legian Beach is the most commonly affected garbage.

Many tourists complain with this condition. They were disappointed when visiting the beach. Hoping for a beautiful view, but it should look very jorot rubbish and disgusting. According to residents, the garbage comes as torrential rain, high waves and strong winds that blow from the west.

Residents and beach operators have been routinely cleaning. Coastal areas are connected to Kuta Beach is always dirty when it rains. Garbage continued to flock to the beach. As a result of this condition, many tourists are complaining. Even the beach area which usually looks crowded now looked more deserted. It is estimated that this garbage will continue to arrive during the rainy season.

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