Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Disappointed, Sunset in Kuta Beach blocked by the clouds

Sunset in Kuta Beach blocked by the clouds

Kuta Beach is very famous for its beautiful sunset in the afternoon. Many people come to visit, local residents, local travelers, foreign tourists, had come to Kuta Beach just to see the sunset while playing with sand and water. Such moments of all the people. Nuance pleasant afternoon making yourself be happy.

I get disappointed when visiting Kuta Beach. The desire to see the sunset while enjoying the beautiful beaches, in order to obtain the right moment, just get overcast conditions. Partly cover the sunset, so I do not get that wonderful moment when visiting Kuta Beach.

Kuta Beach Bali Indonesia
This month is the rainy season in Bali. So clouds can occur at any time. Even when the days are bright. This condition would disrupt tourism activities in Bali. But this can not be avoided. Even at sea can occur cloudy and rainy. As I saw when visiting Kuta Beach. Sunset is not very aesthetically. That looks just dark clouds covering the sun.

Despite overcast conditions, Kuta beach is always crowded visited by tourists. Foreign tourists are always visible on the beach. Everyone looked happy playing with sand and water at the beach. Most of the people on the beach during the afternoon were local residents. They were playing a lot of water with family.

Because not getting desired, then I went home. I stuck traffic congestion. Many of the vehicles were crossing the road. They are the people who leave the beach. Indeed, when the afternoon street in Kuta is always a traffic jam occurs.

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