Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday, January 17, 2014

Bikini Girls on Kuta Beach, became a sensation for the local residents

Bikini Girl on Kuta Beach, became a sensation for the local residents
Kuta Beach is visited by tourists from different countries. Many people took to sunbathing or just walking around. Those who stay longer in Bali, doing any activity on this beach, to spend time while in Bali.

Many tourists are in the Kuta Beach. They purposely visit the beach for sunbathing and surfing. To carry out such activities, they should wear shorts or bikini. Beach pants for men and bikinis for women.

When wearing a bikini, then a girl will appear around the shape of her body. Which covered only part of the breast and buttocks, genitals. For Balinese girl, it is very taboo done. Because wearing a bikini is not usually done. For foreigners, wearing a bikini on the beach are common. But for the people of Bali, it is very embarrassing to do.

Bikini Girl on Kuta Beach becomes interesting sights for the people of Bali, especially men. Woman wearing a bikini in Kuta, but not done by a local girl. Therefore, many men accidentally visiting Kuta Beach to see the bikini girl.

Bikini Girl on Kuta Beach, became a sensation for the local residents
It was certainly very silly, because the same conduct that is shameful. But that's a fact. Many Balinese men who first visited Kuta Beach. Fascinated not because of the beauty of the beach and the sunset, but fascinated seeing women with bikini running on the beach and sunbathing. They see a girl with a bikini, like seeing a girl naked. Although it was strange, but it is a reality.

Balinese men who have never visited the beach of Kuta, if you hear the story about the bikini girl sunbathing on the beach, then they will soon be looking for opportunities to be able to visit the Kuta Beach.

It is not unusual for the Balinese girl wearing a bikini. Because wearing a bikini nearly equal to the bare naked. Therefore those men who have never been to Bali Kuta Beach, it will be stunned to see tourists sunbathing.

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