Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Legian Street in Kuta Bali

Legian Street (Jalan Legian) is the main road connecting Kuta to Seminyak in Bali. The street is filled with shops, bars, hotels and clubs. However, the most dominating is the discotheque. Since the number of nightly entertainment and is located close to Kuta Beach, Legian Street so it became one of the most popular destinations in Bali. Many people wrongly think that Legian Street is Legian . Legian Street is just the name of a road connecting Kuta to Seminyak.

The atmosphere of this place is not felt in Bali, but europe. Because along the way many foreign tourist looks white and blond. Many people say if it is in Legian Street is like being in a country in Europe.

Formerly this place is a local village fishermen who are always looking for fish on the beach of Kuta. But now it has changed completely. The village became a tourist destination which is very famous up to foreign countries. Formerly home residents here still looks very simple and traditional nuances, but now all been turned into a luxury shopping complex and a club.

Along Legian street there are many souvenir shops and clothing with brands. But many clothes with low quality but sold very expensive. Store adjacent land as it became a very popular business in Bali. Although most of the shops are owned by foreign investors. But it gives great job opportunities for local people. Of course it is very helpful to local people who need jobs.

Besides shops selling various kinds of clothes and souvenirs, along Legian Street also a restaurant. According to people who've eaten at one of the restaurants on Legian Street, the offer price is not expensive. Commensurate with the given location and atmosphere. Perhaps because of the competition between the restaurant very much, so they compete by providing low prices for tourists.

Along Legian Street there are many clubs and discos. They offer a selection of local beer to wine imports are very expensive. Most tourists are here is coming from Australia. So clearly, this region is not suitable for children who are very dear to his mother spoiled. When the evening is often seen drunk tourists out of the discotheque. It is typical for local people.

Discotheque very much open from morning until late morning. Says that a person in this place there is no night. Because always crowded. Flickering lights and sounds of disco music very hard to make this place very festive. At night a lot of tourists who enjoy the atmosphere along Legian Street. So this place is perfect for the likes disco and get drunk. Maybe like a paradise for those who love the night life and discos. That's why this place is always crowded by teenagers.

Legian Street is always jammed roads by vehicles. It is a one-way street. From morning to night on the road is always jammed. Maybe the width of the road is only seven meters. When the jam can feel the thrill of the atmosphere along Legian Street. It is not advisable to go through this way if you are in a hurry. Look for another alternative. Jalan Legian is only suitable for pedestrians. Even cycling was not recommended by the way.

Along Jalan Legian whatever you're looking for is definitely there. For all Kuta tourism activities centered here. Restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars, discos, car rental, motorcycle rental, souvenirs, clothes, and so forth. In fact there are a lot of drunk tourists, beggars, pickpockets, vagabonds. So you have to be careful. This place is often the case of theft. Many tourists stolen by criminals.

But in general, people living in this area are very friendly and kind. They will greet you when passing in front of him. If you need assistance, they will be happy to help you without asking in return.

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