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Beachwalk Kuta Bali, the most unique mall in Indonesia

Beachwalk Kuta Bali, the most unique mall in Indonesia
Bali has a lot of unique and interesting buildings to see and visit, lounging and relaxing. But most buildings in Bali religious and cultural nuances. But there is one very unique mall money by building resembling terraced rice fields in Bali. In the area of ​​Kuta there is a mall artistic nuances of the island of Bali which is unique and distinctive. The building is Beachwalk Mall.

Kuta Bali, Beachwalk Shopping Center in Jalan Pantai Kuta, Kuta, Badung regency, Bali. Precisely at Kuta Beach Bali. The mall is in operation since 2012, was built between Harris Resort Kuta Beach and the Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort, with an area of ​​3.7 hectares and extends up to 250 meters around Kuta Beach. Very spacious and meets the eye when viewed from across the street, from Kuta Beach Bali.

Building on Beachwalk Mall Kuta Bali looks very cool, and different from the malls in Bali. However modern architecture featuring a shape resembling terraced rice paddies. Building with greenery very much like the rice terraces. Beachwalk Kuta Bali also has a roof of straw. Artistic display of tropical shades, such as villas in Bali.

Beachwalk Kuta Bali, the most unique mall in Indonesia
Beachwalk Kuta Bali has a design with environmentally friendly concepts. No portion of the roof is made of straw. Recycled wood used material in the mall. Some floors in the roof made with wood. Impression of the art and environmentally friendly are felt while in this mall.

Atmosphere at Beachwalt Kuta Bali looks beautiful with hanging plants installed around the building and the roof edge. The road is open in the mall has also been cool with fresh breeze of the beach. Thus reducing the use of air conditioning.

On the second floor open area, there is an open park, so visitors can sit back and enjoy the sunset at Kuta Beach. If you want to see the scenery around while enjoying culinary, could also come to the cafe and restaurant which features a terrace overlooking the beach.

In addition to enjoying the scenery, tourists can be satisfied shopping at Beachwalk. Various local and international brands here, such as Hugo Boss, ZARA, Victoria's Secret and LEGO. Fabrics by BIN House Museum with more than 600 antique fabrics from all over Indonesia, as well as boutiques contains works by well-known designers Bali also exist in this mall.

Beachwalk Kuta Bali, the most unique mall in Indonesia
Beachwalk Kuta Bali also has a cinema with the premiere studio has business class seats. For visitors who bring a child, can still be satisfied playing at the mall, because there is a special area for children and families on the third floor. Complete with playground and child care facilities.

In order for a holiday in Bali more complete, Beachwalk features performances such as Balinese Dance and Kecak that can be seen without having to pay. There are also cultural activities batik paintings, sketches and much more that can be tried at Beachwalk.

Beachwalk Kuta Bali is open daily, from 10:30 until 22:30. But on Friday and Saturday longer operational hours starting at 10:00 am until midnight.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

10 things to do while on holiday to Bali

When the holidays to Bali, a lot of activities to do with family, with friends, with your loved one, or alone. Because Bali has many interesting and beautiful places to enjoy. Vacation to Bali would also be very nice if you visited tourist attraction. Bali has many interesting attractions and beautiful. Kuta Beach is one of the famous beaches and is a tourist attraction that must be visited.

Bali has a lot of cheap hotel with the best service. So you need not worry about the choice of accommodation while on holiday to Bali. Because Bali is the island with hundreds of inexpensive and classy hotel. Not only cheap hotels, Bali also has many places of entertainment and playground for families. With many choices of places to play, ranging from games to children, to the playground that can only be done by adults. From the mountain to the bottom of the sea, all owned by Bali.

Things to do while on vacation to Bali is something that exists only in Bali, or things that can only be enjoyed by satisfied in Bali. Because Bali has a lot of uniqueness and beauty. So you will feel satisfied when you are in Bali while on vacation.

Here are 10 things you can do while on holiday in Bali.

1. Visiting Temple (Pura)

Bali island has the largest Hindu population, which reached 84.5% of the total population on the island. Hindus in Bali is very different from the hindu in other countries. Hindus in Bali has been mixed with the indigenous culture that has existed since hundreds of years ago. So Hindus in Bali has a uniqueness that is different from that in any country in the world, one of which is the temple.

Hindu temples in Bali is different from other countries. Because the temple in Bali made by Balinese architecture and the meaning is very high, with a magical feel very great. Hindu temple in Bali is made in such a way, so pretending that one to the other will look different. Because every temple has a function and a purpose different worship.

Temple in Bali also be part of the attraction, other than the place of worship by the Hindus of Bali. Bali has thousands of temples, built with typical Balinese architecture, and buildings that have a distinctive character, unique and artistic taste is very high. It is appropriate if the Bali gaining prominence as the island of thousand temples. Pura is a sacred place, sacred, revered by Hindus in Bali.

Temple in Bali is a manifestation of belief and faith in the people of Bali are predominantly Hindu. Pura in Bali is a second home for the people of Bali after her own home, where they will throng to the temple as sacred moments arrive.

So, be wise enough when we holiday in Bali for taking the time to visit the temple, to know the customs in religious rituals were performed by Balinese. There are many temples with natural beauty and unique background that is different from other ostensibly in Bali. Famous and a major of temple for tourist attraction destination during the holidays to Bali is Pura Besakih, Pura Batur, Pura Tirta Empul, Pura Uluwatu, Pura Tanah Lot, Pura Pucak Penulisan, Pura Ulun Danu Bedugul.

2. Soak in Hot Springs

Bali is an island with a volcano is still very active. So Bali has geothermal resources that very much. So there are many hot springs in Bali.

In Bali there are several hot springs that are worth to visit during the holidays. Enjoyment soak in the hot springs would be very nice if accompanied by a beautiful environment to enjoy the beauty of the trees and hills. The scenery is beautiful to be around a hot water bath in Bali. There are many hot springs in Bali, but only a few hot springs became famous sights and well managed. Some of the famous hot springs are in Jatiluwih Tabanan, in Angseri, and in Banyuwedang Buleleng.

3. Diving and Snorkeling

Vacation to Bali would be very cool if you also enjoy the underwater scenery and beautiful coral reefs. The diving is one of the water sports are popular in Bali. The seas around Bali has a natural beauty that is very intriguing. Coral reefs and fish are beautiful and varied. Spot for diving in Bali is the most popular wreck of the cargo, the US Liberty, and the sea around Menjangan Island and Nusa Lembongan.

Not only diving, while on holiday to Bali should also try snorkeling. Because Bali has many shallow sea suitable for snorkeling. Children who can swim can also do this activity in Bali. The sea around the island and the sea around Port Padangbay is the most popular spot to snorkel in Bali

4. Exercise challenging and fun

Lots of game is full of challenges and adrenaline with the security that is guaranteed while on holiday in Bali. Suppose mountain climbing on Mount Batur and Agung, Bungee Jumping, paradigling, mountain biking or exploring the fields, riding a horse or elephant, jungle trekking and zipline tree top. The games make us more agile and daring to challenge our adrenaline.

Bali also has a lazy river water sports are very exciting for families who want to vacation to Bali. Water sports complex with a variety of the most famous and very much there in Tanjung Benoa. Water sports in Tanjung Benoa is most famous for a wide selection of fun and challenging games.

5. Spa Bali

Spa has been recognized by the Bali since hundreds of years. Until now, the Balinese are still using the spa to cure diseases and to maintain the vitality and endurance. Spa Bali is famous concoction of spices typical of tropical very good for health, and refresh the body. Spa Bali is increasingly popular among the tourists.

When you finish the activity while on holiday in Bali, when you are doing activities that cause a lot of sweat, very appropriate if you visit the spa for pampering the body and restore the body's energy is drained for fun activities while on holiday.

Or if you do exhausting activities, at least you can let go of fatigue and relieve stress. In Bali, a lot of spas. Even many hotelh been providing spa services. In every corner of the city in Bali there are many spa services with different comfort.

6. Seeing dolphins

Dolphins are also available in Bali and can easily be found every day. Seeing dolphins in Bali is a popular tourist attraction. Seeing the dolphins not only the pond or in the stage performances, but to see the dolphins in Bali is on the high seas. Lovina Beach Buleleng, it is possible to get closer to the brightest in the world of aquatic animals, dolphins. Sea Lovina is a living habitat bottle nose dolphins. Dolphins can be seen every day, without limitation season, only determined by the weather. If the rain is certainly very difficult to get to the sea by boat. Your holiday will certainly enjoyable and varied if it had seen dolphins in Lovina Bali.

7. Learn the culture of Bali in Ubud

Ubud Bali is a city that became the most famous in Bali. Ubud is now more famous for a movie starring Holiwood artist named Julia Roberts, Eat Pray Love. Because Ubud is the real Bali. Ubud is a tourist destination in Bali while on vacation.

Ubud is a small town premises full of traditional life and culture. Ubud is the best location to be a place of observation of the Balinese culture. There are so many beautiful temple, historic sites, dance performances of the Balinese, the Monkey Temple, the traditional market, the art museum, a view of terraced rice fields, hills beautiful, quiet forest, a dance studio, studio traditional music of the Balinese, and the food was delicious on-site this. Ubud also has many cheap accommodation, homestay belongs to the locals, stay watching habits of the Balinese daily. The tourists usually visit Ubud for some time, just to see the Balinese dance, or get closer to the Balinese people who have a unique Balinese culture.

8. A trip to Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is a small island of Bali, and is part of three separate islands with exotic island of Bali. The island is separated with the island of Bali, part of Klungkung. Having a single village called Desa Lembongan.

Desa Lembongan many have interesting places to be visited by tourists, such as the white sandy beach which is very attractive, natural caves and man-made unique, sea cliffs challenging, marshes full of mystery that attract visitors to come and a lot more interesting Lembongan village.

The sea around Nusa Lembongan also be the best spot for diving. The sea has also become a place to do a spot study of the underwater world, see a rare fish called mola-mola. See manta rays, sea foam but Lembongan is very dangerous if explored without an experienced guide, has a lot of divers lost at sea is caused by underwater currents unpredictable. Do not let your holiday in Bali became grief when diving at Nusa Lembongan.

9. Looking at Buffalo Racing (Makepung)

Buffalo racing in Bali can be seen in Jembrana. Every Sunday held amid buffalo racing locations on the move. As with MotoGP with different circuits. Buffalo race in Jembrana called the Makepung.

Makepung actually is a race that is only understood by the owners of the buffalo. This race also is actually a disguised gambling. But the government in Jembrana, consider this buffalo race is a part of the culture that must be maintained.

10. The party every day in Kuta

Kuta is the center of tourism in Bali. Also well known as an international city. Because Kuta is a gathering place for people from different countries. Kuta also has plenty of cheap hotels, cheap accommodation because there are too many hotels in Kuta.

Holidays in Bali would be fun to spend a night in Kuta. There's a party every day in Kuta. Discotheques, bars, cafes, is most easily found in Kuta, at Jalan Legian and Seminyak is the most crowded area and a lot of people.

Holidays in Bali would be fun to do something unique and fun. The beach is the most favored tourist time to Bali. No one if Bali known as a paradise island, as there are many things to do in Bali while on vacation.

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Love in Bali Beach

Bali and the beach is a wonderful place for the affair. The beach will bring together two people, male and female, for the affair. Giving rise to a wonderful title for Bali, Love in Bali Beach.

Bali Beach is a cluster of beaches in Bali surrounding the island. Beautiful beaches with different shades and different. As if all the beaches in Bali is the most beautiful place in this small island. The beach is synonymous with sand and ocean waves. Bali has it all on a beautiful beach and pleasing. The beach is also the best place for two people to meet and love.

In Bali, met on the beach is usually done by lovers. The beach is the best place and convenient to meet, free, no restrictions, free, and easy to achieve. So the beach is the most suitable place to meet. Cafe or restaurant is not expensive inaccessible by a pair of teenagers.

Every district in Bali has the best beaches for meeting locations lovers, except Bangli. One beach has its own image about love and relationships lover. Not infrequently the beach is also a place to make love, a place for indulgence in lust, the beach is also a place for kissing, naked, and things that might be done by couples. Due to a deserted beach is a good location for sex.

Bali has many beaches deserted and quiet. Deserted beaches are coveted young couple to make love. Deserted beaches with large shrubs and trees are the most preferred locations for sex by lovers. They can be free to do so on a deserted beach. Without having to worry about the other people who will see their deeds. The important thing to fulfill their purpose, satisfy the lust and love.

Not only local residents, Bali Beach also became the most sought after by foreign tourists. Bali Beach is considered to provide the different memories for those who are in love. Making love in Bali Beach sometimes become a tourist destination during the holidays to Bali. Memories and wonderful stories while making love in Bali Beach became their destination for a vacation to Bali.

Bali beach in Bali's western region is the most quiet and deserted. Because Bali Barat are protected forests and very quiet. Bali beach in the west is the location that is most often used for sex by a pair of lovers who are in love. Making love in the bush may provide a different sensation for them.

At sunset, or during the afternoon, is the most appropriate time to make love in Bali Beach. At sunset is considered the most romantic and fun. Not hot, not too dark. Dimly lit and airy with a cool evening breeze when berncinta soul. Accompanied by sunset and the sound of sea waves neighbor, made the evening more enjoyable and memorable in Bali Beach.

Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal interest. In the context of the philosophy of love is an inherited all the good qualities of kindness, compassion and affection. Others believe that love is an action / active activity perpetrated by man against another object, such as self-sacrifice, empathy, concern, compassion, help, follow the words, follow, obedient, and willing to do anything he wants the object.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lombok Bali, Lombok and Gili is not Bali

Lombok and Bali are two different islands. Many foreign tourists have been mistaken if Lombok is part of Bali. When in fact Lombok and Bali are two different islands, although the location of these two adjacent islands.

Bali and Lombok Island in Indonesia
Bali and Lombok Island in Indonesia

Bali is a small province in Indonesia. Bali became a province without joining the larger province because the island has a culture and religion that is different from those in other regions. The small island with a majority Hindu population, in an Islamic country.

Tree Gili Island in Lombok, Indonesia
Lombok is an island separated from Bali. Lombok Island consists of several districts. Lombok Island is located within the West Nusa Tenggara province. So Lombok and Bali are two different islands. But in the West Lombok district is predominantly people who come from Bali. Culture, religion, and traditions of the people in West Lombok is almost the same as in Bali. Because in the days of yore, West Lombok is part of the Kingdom of Klungkung in Bali.

Many foreign tourists mistakenly said that Lombok is part of Bali. However it can not deny, because in some areas in Lombok have the same culture as the one in Bali. So, the feel of the lives of people in West Lombok is feels like in Bali. Language, art, culture, tradition and architecture of the building, all very similar to the one in Bali. Balinese are felt in several areas in Lombok.

Kuta Beach in Lombok Indonesia
Now the island of Lombok has grown and developed as Bali. Lombok tourism is growing very rapidly. The natural beauty, beaches, ocean, and mountains of Lombok exceed the natural beauty of Bali. Vacation to Bali would not be complete and satisfied if you have not tried to Lombok. With the beautiful island of Gili. Three Gili is a charming and well-known, Gili Trawangan, Gili Nemo, and Gili Air, Gili Islands are three who became the mascot of tourism in Lombok Island.

In Lombok, the island is also called Gili. Gili is another name for the island. Lombok has a lot of small islands are very beautiful and still beautiful, clean, maintained, and not inhabited by anyone. The tiny islands in Lombok in the know called Gili. Gili Air, Gili Nemo, Gili Trawangan, Gili Nanggu, Gili Asahan and others. Gili makes Lombok became very popular in foreign countries, and a destination for foreign tourists to visit Indonesia, besides Bali.

Kuta Beach in Bali Indonesia
Now, to be able to go to Lombok, has built an international airport. Many airlines that serve direct flights to Lombok, without going through Bali. First, to be able to Lombok, have to land first at Bali's international airport, and then headed to Lombok by boat, wade through the sea in the Straits of Lombok. Then arrive at the port, and using a car heading to the attractions in Lombok.

Lombok's tourism potential is much better than in Bali. The natural beauty of the island can not be expressed in words. The beaches in Lombok was very clean and quiet. Yet crowded by people and hotel buildings. Unlike in Bali. Almost all attractions in Bali filled with hotels and shopping centers. Though the hotel is very insufficient for the needs of the tourists. However, very loose regulations that have an impact on the uncontrolled construction of new hotels in Bali.

Lombok is a new tourist potential which continues to be developed by the government. Tourism is the easiest and fastest way to increase foreign exchange. Many countries began to grow the tourism potential of the country to grow local products unique and characterizes the country. Indonesia is very fortunate to have the island of Bali and Lombok. Two beautiful island with high tourism potential. Unique culture and diversifying into more value for the growth and development of tourism in Indonesia in the future.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Vacation to Bali looking for prostitutes!?

Now, Bali has become the island for vacation and have fun by foreign tourists. Model of tourism in Bali has also changed. Initially tourists come to see the art, culture, and religion were very unique and riveting. Now tourists come and vacation to Bali just for fun and partying all day.

Not only to visit the attractions, tourists who holiday in Bali also to get women to the satisfaction of sexual desire. Prostitution in Bali has been a part of the travel and leisure activities by foreign tourists. Prostitution in Bali are now more numerous and easily found. Women naughty in Bali was the target of naughty boys who are on vacation. This woman paid and to be a vacation, accompany every day and all day. Accompanying surfing, diving, up to a night in bed, in the hotel room.

Many foreign men had come to Bali just to get prostitutes, vacations are not the main goal. They look for the girl in Bali because Bali is very easily persuaded with money to accompany them to sleep. Because money is the main capital and become a lady-killer. Prostitutes in Bali also work for money. Because money is a major requirement for living in the world today.

Holidays in Bali should not look for prostitutes. Based on data from the Bali Health Office, 70 percent of prostitutes in Bali has HIV. It is a terrible fact. If men sleep with a prostitute in Bali, then chances are 75 percent will be infected with HIV, if not using a condom. Surely no one wants infected with HIV.

Actually there are many things to do while on holiday in Bali. Not just for fun with prostitutes. Bali has many beautiful and interesting places, too many have a vehicle to play. Water sports, diving, mountain climbing. Many positive activities to do to entertain themselves. Getting prostitutes in Bali is a very stupid holiday. Because it is able to damage the future. Ironically, many young men who vacation to Bali just to party, have fun and get a prostitute.

Bali is a small island, but it has a lot of interesting places. Residents of the Bali was also very nice and friendly. Do not assume that the Balinese girl is very easy to buy. Although Bali has a lot of prostitutes, they are a woman who comes from outside Bali, which was deliberately come to Bali to be a prostitute and gets a strange man to be a husband and settle down. Girl Balinese are still holding decency and shame. They will think a thousand times to work as prostitutes. Because it is a job that will damage the image of self and family.

Prostitution in Bali is more, has even become part of a travel by people who are on vacation in Bali. It is the impact of the growing tourism industry in Bali. The services of prostitutes become a tool to lure tourists in order to stay with disebuah comfortable hotel. Their pimps further facilitate the process of buying and selling prostitution services in Bali.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Holidays in Ubud, is a real holiday in Bali

Ubud is known as a small town, a vacation/holiday spot with the feel of the real Bali. Enjoy the beautiful terraced rice paddies. Kingdom of Ubud, the birds in the wild, art markets, and many other beautiful places.

Ubud has always received the title as a memorable vacation destination. Holiday in Ubud unlike in other cities on earth. Because the city is filled with a sense of art and traditional. Residents Ubud is also known to be very friendly toward strangers. Building with Balinese architecture. Activities of people who are full of reliji and art. So, it is not wrong if you choose Ubud as a prime vacation/holiday destination when to Bali.

One of the places of interest in Ubud as a vacation spot is the Monkey Forest. This place is a protected forest area inhabited by a herd of monkeys. Types of monkeys in this forest is a long-tailed monkeys. Although including wild animals, but monkeys in the jungle was very friendly and harmless. They have been accustomed to humans, there is no fear, yet very aggressive with people who bring food. So be careful when signing into the forest while carrying food. Better not bring any food from being stolen by the monkeys at Monkey Forest. Do not let your holiday in Ubud become uncomfortable caused by monkeys that robs your luggage.

Prior to the Monkey Forest, you should visit the Ubud Art Market first. While on holiday in Ubud would not be complete without visiting this art market. Come early, because when morning traders in the markets perform rituals at the temple in the market area. Traders will pray with canangsari in temples. Routine activities during the morning by the merchants. Free attraction that characterizes the Balinese, when they will start activities in the morning. Holiday in Ubud can buy typical souvenirs of the Balinese to buy souvenirs at the Ubud Art Market.

Holiday to Bali will be very memorable after enjoying the natural beauty of Ubud. One activity that will provide a different experience while in Ubud is visiting Ketut Liyer. Ketut Liyer is because people become part of the character in the movie Eat Pray Love. This man has the ability to predict a person's manner of palm reading. Ketut is also a painter and a traditional healer. Meet with Ketut Liyer is part of a trip in Ubud while on holiday in Bali. Bali holidays will be sensational after you meet with Ketut, take pictures with him, predictable, and becoming an attractive serita when returning home, and tell your thoughts to friends. Read also: Ketut Liyer Home Address in Ubud Bali.

In Ubud there are many homestay for a place to stay while on vacation. Holiday in Bali do not need to be dizzy and confused to find a place to stay. Ubud has a lot of cheap hotels and homestays scattered dipelosok city. Stay in a homestay is the right choice. Because you can see the habits of life of citizens Ubud. From morning to night. Knowing what ordinary people do Bali. Live among the people of Bali are filled with religion and art.

Cheap hotels in Ubud is very much. So you do not have to worry about finding a place to stay while on holiday in Bali. Because the number of hotels a lot, make hotel must compete in determining the overnight rates. Holiday in Ubud Bali will be enjoyable and satisfied if the cost is very cheap accommodation. You can save money or divert money to buy souvenirs or objects made in Balinese typical for a keepsake when returning home

Monday, February 08, 2016

Meet with Ketut Liyer in Ubud during the holiday

One of the most sought after by tourists who are on holiday in Bali is Ketut Liyer. In fact, Ketut name is the name of the most well known today, synonymous with the name of the Balinese.

Ketut Liyer figure in the movie of Eat Pray Love
Ketut Liyer figure in the movie Eat Pray Love

Ketut Liyer is a man who lives in Ubud Bali, with the profession as a traditional healer, and also as an artist with the work of the various paintings. This man was well-known since the last character in a movie made in Holiwood, entitled Eat Pray Love. He became an important figure in the story of a woman who finds love in Bali. In the movie, a character as Ketut Liyer played by someone else, because the process of making the movie, he was hospitalized. See also: Choose a holiday to Bali or Lombok? or Party every day while on holiday/vacation in Kuta, Bali.

Ketut Liyer house in Ubud Bali
Eat Pray Love is a movie that is instrumental to making Ketut Liyer became very famous. Although he is not the main character in the movie. Eat Pray Love also makes Bali is becoming increasingly well known as a world tourist destination with an abundance of beauty. Indirectly, the movie has been promoting Bali and Ketut Liyer as part of a holiday destination by people from around the world. Holiday to Bali would not be complete and satisfied if you have not visited the places that had been shown in the movie. In fact, met with Ketut Liyer also be part of the holiday/vacation activities. Incomplete if it does not meet Ketut in Bali while on vacation.

Ketut LiyerIf your vacation / holiday in Bali and wanted to meet Ketut Liyer, then you need to go to Ubud, visiting his home. Ketut Liyer home address is in Banjar Pengosekan Kaja, Desa Mas, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. You have to arrive earlier than others, if you do not want to queue for too long. Because every day there are dozens of people who wanted to meet him. Ketut only accept a maximum of 25 people per day. Because he was very old and very easily tired, the impact of the pain. So, the earlier you arrive home Ketut, then you are not going to stand in line too long to get a turn revelations.

The ability to predict is what makes Ketut Liyer in Ubud became very famous. In the movie is told that Ketut can predict well and it finally happened. Many people who come to him for at tellers. Although many of them are not satisfied. Because when face to face with Ketut Liyer, he saw only the palms and talked a bit. Ketut mostly invites guests for a chat and a laugh. With the ability to speak English is bad, Ketut trying to satisfy his feelings when he met. That is why a lot of guests who come to Ketut dissatisfied. Though it comes with serious eased to forecast about the future life. As do Ketut Liyer the main character in the movie Eat Pray Love.

When the holiday / vacation to Ubud in Bali is not only to meet Ketut Liyer, also can see the interesting sites and many art museums in Ubud. Because Ubud is famous as a regional arts and cultural development in the center of Bali. Holiday in Bali and went to Ubud is the right choice. A famous tourist attraction is Monkey Forest, Ubud Art Market, Ubud Royal Palace, terraced rice paddies in Ubud, several art museums. But if to Ubud want to meet Ketut Liyer, then met her first priority. Because it limits the guests who wanted to meet him. Read also: Cool holiday at Pandawa Beach, Bali.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Choose a holiday to Bali or Lombok?

Confused choosing a holiday spot, whether Bali or Lombok?

Many people are now confused with the choice of vacation spot between two islands, Bali or Lombok. Two beautiful island that has become a famous tourist destination. Though Bali and Lombok are two islands that are close together, but many people still confusion in terms of choosing a cool place for a holiday. Because Bali and Lombok can give pleasure and satisfaction to those who are vacationing on the island. Bali and Lombok are two islands that are difficult to separate association in terms of tourism.

Holidays in Bali can provide satisfaction, as there are many interesting and fun entertainment. Supporting facilities of all tourism in Bali. Entertainment and services are also in Bali. Access to the beach is very easy. Transportation is also adequate. Rental cars and motorcycles are also very much, so all that is needed as supporting a holiday in Bali has been available, easy to obtain, cheap prices, and lots of choice.

If holiday in Lombok, many attractions not well ordered. Whereas Lombok Island has many beautiful and interesting places. Only access to reach the attraction is very difficult. Whereas during the holidays requires comfort and convenience. But in Lombok Barat all attractions can be reached easily. Because of the growth and economic development in Lombok is concentrated in the western region. Connecting road between regions is also very good. Accommodation as supporting tourism has also been started to be built in Lombok. So anyone who is on vacation in Lombok can choose accommodation according to need.

Bali has many interesting places to vacation spots. Starting from the mountains, lakes, fields, rural, shore up the sea, all the beautiful and interesting attractions. Whatever type of holiday you want to enjoy all there in Bali. What to do in Bali while on vacation ?. Whatever can be done, in accordance with the wishes. With family, lovers, friends, or yourself exploring the island. Water rides and great broad, exciting water sports, exploring the forest, fishing, diving, or just relaxing enjoying the fresh air in the middle field. See also: Party every day while on holiday/vacation in Kuta, Bali.

Vacation on the island of Lombok, also can feel the sensation that is almost the same as in Bali. Lombok has many wonderful attractions. As in Bali, Lombok also has a high mountain with a very beautiful panorama. Beaches with white sand is very clean, the sea is calm deng beautiful coral reefs. Lombok Gili Island is famous for the many and beautiful. Secret island challenging. Three Gili Island's most bustling and famous is Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Nemo. Sensation nightlife with parties every day is in Gili Trawangan. On the island of Gili Trawangan there is a party every day until night.

If you want to enjoy the unique culture and art, then choose a holiday on the island of Bali. Because of culture and art in Bali is very unique and captivating. Culture and religion are different from those in any country. Culture and art in Bali into a unity of mutual support. Bali civic life is also very harmonious, friendly, greet each other, and open to foreigners. Art and culture are the main capital of Bali to continue to grow as a world tourist destination island. See also: Cool holiday at Pandawa Beach, Bali.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of the beaches and small islands that adorn the sea, then choose a holiday on the island of Lombok. Lombok has lots of beautiful beaches, clean, quiet, and riveting. Lombok is also known by the small islands that became a leading tourist attraction. A hidden beach very kept clean and still very quiet. Around the island of Lombok, there are also many hidden and secret island. It is suitable to be explored by those who love adventure.

Choosing a holiday in Bali or Lombok in fact the same. Because the island of Bali and Lombok are adjacent to each other. If you choose a vacation in Bali, after being satisfied with the island of Bali, it can go to Lombok determines the attractions on the island. Conversely, after a holiday on the island of Lombok satisfied, can go to Bali to enjoy all the attractions there. So, you can choose one or both of the island as well as a vacation spot, because the two are also located very close together. Read also: What to do during the holiday to Bali?